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Traffic Violations - Based upon our vast experience in this area of law, we will be able to find the best way to resolve your violations at the lowest cost, least points against your license and probably be able to do so without you having to take off from work to go to Court to do so. 
We will review the facs surrounding this unforuante event, make sure the police followed accepted procedures and then defend you before the Court.  We will get you the best resolution for you that is possible.

Affordable, Quailty DWI/DUI and Traffic Violations
Defense Attorney - Long Island

Affordable Attorney Fee!
You have come to the right place.  You are here because you have been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the Influance or have received a number of traffic tickets.  We are here for you to help guide you through this process and obtain the best possible resolution to this situation as is possible.  We have over 28 years of experience in the practice of law and will most assuredly be able to get this matter resolved to your satisfaction.
Just contact us by email and/or telephone and we will return your inquiry with a FREE CONSULATATION WITH AN ATTORNEY.
Traffic Violations - We have a methodology that will permit you to go to work and not have to appear on your Court date.  We will appear for you and resolve the matter, so you do not have to lose a day's pay at work. 
DWI/DUI - No one can obtain the courtesy of the court to waive your appearance at these Court dates.  You WILL need to appear for any DWI/DUI court date. 
Due to the fact that we are in Court every day, we can provide our services to you in a quick and efficent manner.  As such, your attorney fee will be reasonable.
Our fee to handle your Traffic Violation is $ 100/ticket, with the third ticket free. 
Since every DWI/DUI situation is unique, listing a price quote here is not possible. Immediately following our FREE consulation, we will provide you with a quote for our services which will be reasonable and affordable. 
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YES, when you hire an attorney to defend you on 
your recent DWI and/or Traffic Tickets,
you will actually SAVE money

By not having to take off from work to fight traffic tickets and having The Law Office of Douglas D. Viviani negotiate a successful plea, you will minimize the fine and points levied against your license.  Less points, less or no increase in your Automobile Insurance Premium.
Why should you hire us?
  •  Keep your insurance premiums at a minimum 
  •  Do not lose your license due to traffic tickets
  •  Do not risk losing your liberty due to DWI
  •  Affirdable justice you deserve
  •  Commitment to quality representation
  •  No need to attend court for traffic violations
  •  Save points on your license
  •  Save on Attorney Fees
  •  Easy FREE email or phone consulatation
  •  Practicing since 1988 in this field.
  •  Local representation in Nassau and Suffolk Counties
Did you know that if you garner more than 11 points on your license in an 18-month period, your license to drive a car in New York State may be suspended?
Automobile Insurance premiums can increase based upon your driving record and guilty pleas to moving violationst that carry POINTS. 
If you receive 6 or more points on your New York State drivingr ecord in 18 months, you must pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee.
Retain this office and we will ensure that you exposure to adding points to your driving record is kept to the absolute minimum. 
Contact us now by email or telephone to learn more about what are your options, for FREE.
Obviously, being arrested for a crime is something significant and which requires your careful attention.  The Law Office of Douglas D. Viviani will take all the time needed to explore all options in your defense and to explain the entire legal situation you find yourself in at present.    
Contact us now by email or telephone to learn more about what are your options, for FREE.
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